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Tennessee Tellico Lake Appeal….Majestic….where you will find More Bang for Your Buck!  “I believe there is no greater satisfaction in life then to be able to live your dreams!”  Why not, East Tennessee! You will mesmerized by East Tennessee’s natural beauty, the peak living experience, picturesque shores of Tellico Lake, at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, with pristine waterways, boating, golfing and great bass fishing.



Let Me Introduce Myself- A Carolina Girl, at heart

Hi, Peggy Warren here, Affiliate Broker, with Village Reality, located in Loudon Tennessee.  Focused on real estate in Farragut, Lenoir City, Tellico Lake, and Vonore.

I am a first time blogger and new member of AR.  My professional journey as a REALTOR, began 4 months ago, of which I am very excited, and passionate about.  You see, my desire to pursue real estate laid dormant for many years while following and supporting my husband’s career advancement around the globe.  I once thought, a few years ago, that North Carolina would always be home.  Never thought for a day, that I would ever leave the State of North Carolina, let alone the Continent of the United States.  Then, I met my husband, 26 years ago, and since that time, became quite the global traveler.



Tellico Lake Appeal

My husband and I first looked at Tellico Lake in 1998, however did not feel the timing was right.  Boy had we known then, what we know now?!  Now that my husband will be semi-retired this year, we elected to buy our home in Tellico Village, two years ago.  We are absolutely enthralled and smitten with Tellico Lake (Village).  The location is perfect!  The surrounding area is rich in history.  A wide array of recreational activities-golfing and boating.  Easily accessible to Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville.  Halfback to Chicago and Florida.  Close to major cultural events, medical and academic institutions- University of Tennessee and Maryville College.


Life Lesson Learned

What I would like to impart to you, is that the time I have spent aboard with my husband, particularly in the Middle East, has been a very eye-opening and educational experience for me.  If anything, the one thing I take away from my overseas experiences, is the fact “that you learn to appreciate very quickly, those freedoms we enjoy as Americans… and tend to take for granted.”  I feel blessed in many ways to have had the opportunities to travel to as many countries as I have, while compelled to give back through relationships I hope to earn with my clients.  More importantly, I recognize, as professional REALTOR, the need to be empathetic, while also being a more active listener.

I am excited about my chosen career path.  I see an opportunity to where I can discover purpose, leverage my people skills, and add value to becoming an integral part of the community I serve, as a REALTOR.

I am @ your service,

Peggy Warren

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